These cartoons were done for the NY Observer and Crain’s NY Business  between 1989 and 1991 when Trump was just becoming a national figure.


The context for this cartoon is Trump’s full page adds in all the papers for the death penalty after the arrest of the five juveniles in the notorious Central Park Jogger assault case. Their convictions were overturned, they were completely exonerated and a settlement was made for their incarceration. He took out ads blasting the settlement and  to this day he thinks they are guilty.

The rest of the cartoons deal with his worsening financial situation which led to his big bankruptcy, his divorces, his first presidential run and his towering ego and con man mentality.

All of which have come to full bloom in the 2016 presidential election.


trump_divorce trump_prenup_insta trump_gorilla trump_limousine_insta trump_plaza-condos trump_marla-maples_insta trump_taj-mahal_insta